Students visit Penn State, come home with bedbugs

May 16, 2013 8:36:01 AM PDT
Several Pittsburgh high school students came home with bedbug bites after visiting Penn State University's main campus for a science competition over the weekend.

Angry parents say about 40 students and chaperones were staying at the Curtain Residence Hall for the Junior Academy of Science State Meet.

They say the university should have known about the bedbug problem and could have issued a warning before students were allowed to sleep in the residence hall.

Parents say the students were sent home with their luggage and clothes wrapped in garbage bags and information on how to prevent the bugs from spreading to their homes.

The students say the rooms were dirty when they arrived.

Parents took pictures of the bedbug bites and hope the university will speak up about the outbreak.

Officials say three rooms in the hall have been fumigated and the rest of the building has been inspected.