Link between ADHD in kids, obesity later

May 20, 2013 2:31:55 PM PDT
For kids with A-D-H-D, keeping their focus for learning is a struggle. And now there is a good chance those kids will also struggle with their weight when they grow up.

According to a new study, boys with ADHD run twice the risk of obesity in adulthood, as boys who didn't have the learning disorder.

Experts think that the lack of impulse control and planning skills may be to blame.

Pediatrician Dr. Sarah Lappe says, "We know that kids who have ADHD are more at-risk for problems with eating and disordered eating, and kids that have disordered eating are more likely to be overweight and obese."

On the flip side, some kids with the disorder are underweight, because some medications cause a loss of appetite.

The study found that economic status and type of ADHD didn't change the risk of obesity in adulthood.

Authors of the study say any child with ADHD should be screened for eating problems.