Cash-free swap site for teens

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March 18, 2014 6:51:11 AM PDT
A couple of years ago, Zak Moran, who wanted yet another pair of sneakers, faced a dilemma familiar to many teens and tweens.

"Usually, if I want something, Mom says I have to pay for it with my own money," Moran explained. "And I didn't have any, so I throught of trading it."

Thanks to his mom, Julie Moran, what started as Zak trading shoes, video games and electronics with friends and classmates, has grown into a 3,000-member website, "" aimed at teens just like him.

Julie Moran explains, "Each individual can go onto the site and you set up your own locker. And you post items in the locker that you no longer want. And then you can look on the site for things that you do want. And then you can offer that other individual a trade."

Senders pay for shipping, but other than that, no money is involved. Instead, you assign the items in your locker a point value. And you use the points you earn to get the items you want.

Electronics, sporting goods and toys are the site's most popular items, but you can even find the occasional prom gown there as well.

Julie Moran explains, "My son had accumulated a lot of points from trading his sneakers and he wanted a new iPhone, so he traded for the iPhone."

She says the site hasn't just saved her family money, it's taught her three boys some important lessons as well.

"My children have really learned the value of things from using the site. Nothing is worthless. Even though it doesn't fit you, it will have a value to somebody else," she says.

New members to get 25 points just for signing up.

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