Cleanup continues after heavy flooding

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May 2, 2014 3:26:06 PM PDT
Though it's a beautiful, sunny day across the region, evidence of Wednesday's heavy rainfall remains.

There are still lingering concerns for flooding along some waterways right now, even a day after that heavy rainfall cleared out.

Many car and business owners are still dealing with the aftermath of the flooding in Manayunk.

Flat Rock Road was a mudflat this morning. Scores of cars remained, some tossed about by currents and covered in river filth inside and out.

Across town city trucks had the road looking good on the 4100 block of Main Street. Mike's Pizza was up and operating. At Littlewoods, a commercial plant that dye's fibers, hoses were used to blast away the mud.

At Dwelling, an upscale retailer, most of the furniture was OK. Crews had their hands up getting floors clean. An oily residue arrived with the water. As for reopening.

Maybe hardest hit was Manayunk Brewing Company. When we asked when they hoped to reopen we got a terse "no comment." Judging from the stream of soggy material being dumped into a dumpster, it won't be soon.

But most of Manayunk got through unharmed and dry. This afternoon folks were already enjoying dining al fresco.

Over in East Falls barricades were removed early this morning, reopening traffic on Kelly Drive. The road was closed all day yesterday after the Schuylkill River overflowed its banks.

The reopening was a welcome sight for the many commuters who use the drive.

Down in Delaware flood waters were still high enough to keep several vehicles stranded in New Castle.

Thus is the story across the region as home and business owners assess the damage and attempt to get back to normal.

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