Driver suspended after teen beaten on school bus

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May 3, 2014 7:31:35 AM PDT
A school bus driver has been suspended and police are investigating after a teen was brutally beaten on a school bus in Dover, Del.

Jonathan Guessford's 15-year-old nephew was the victim of the Tuesday attack.

The teen was beaten by four classmates, who repeatedly punch and kick him as the bus takes them home.

The bus driver apparently never intervened or called police, and may have never reported the incident to school officials.

She actually left the brutalized child off the bus 14 miles from home.

All of the teens involved attend Parkway Academy Central, an alternative school for kids who have chronic disciplinary problems in a public school setting.

"He's not an angel. He definitely has some behavioral issues," Jonathan Guessford said.

Still, Guessford said:

"It's incredulous to me that no one pulled over. The bus driver didn't pull over, she didn't call 911. To further complicate it, my nephew was able to get off the bus 14 miles from home visibly shaken," said Jonathan Guessford.

School officials say they are cooperating with Dover police and have suspended the bus driver.

Five students have been charged with 3rd degree assault and conspiracy. That includes the four students seen in the video and the teen who recorded it all on his cell pone.

"Three of the five have turned themselves in so far today and hopefully the others will turn themselves in by the end of the weekend," said Cpl. Mark Hoffman of the Dover Police.

Police say they have no evidence so far that this was a race-related crime.

Meanwhile, the Guessford family says one of the suspects attacked the victim back when they were in the 6th grade.

"I find it unconscionable that there is no one on that bus to maintain order," said Jonathan Guessford. "Looking at that video while my nephew was being beaten there was loud music playing, there was chaos, there were students up moving all about the bus."

The victim was not seriously injured in the assault.

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