Kids dance and twirl to Idina Menzel and Michael Buble's 'Baby It's Cold Outside'

Two adorable kids singed and swooned to Idina Menzel and Michael Buble's "Baby It's Cold Outside." (Idina Menzel / YouTube)

If the snowy weather is a bit too chilly for you, this adorable music video will warm up your heart.

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A new music video was uploaded to Idina Menzel's YouTube channel on Monday of her and Michael Buble's rendition of the holiday crooner classic "Baby It's Cold Outside." But the video doesn't feature Menzel or Buble singing, instead two kids wearing evening attire channel their voices, while singing and sashaying through an elegant hotel. At one point the main girl in the video, played by Emily Carey, sees Menzel in her reflection, and the boy, played by Harry Collett, sees a dapper Buble fixing his bow tie in a mirror. All the hotel guests and staff are also played by kids.

Combining the adorable choreography, costume design and background scenery, this video is definitely an unexpected musical gift this holiday season.
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