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The Tony award-winning Broadway musical, Newsies, is coming to the Academy of Music.

The Tony award-winning Broadway musical, Newsies, is coming to the Academy of Music.
Newsies, the musical, is based on the 1992 film by the same name and that was inspired by the real life newspaper boy strike at the turn of the 20th century that helped change child labor laws in New York City.

Newsies opened on Broadway in 2012 for what was supposed to be a limited engagement. But the show was such a hit, Disney extended its run for a full 2 years. The musical is now hitting the road with Philadelphia the first stop on the North American tour.

Angela Grovey, who plays the character of Medda Larkin, the owner of a Vaudeville-style theater, says "The message is great, the music is great, the dance is great, the spirit of the show is fantastic."

The David versus Goliath tale is about a ragtag group of newsboys-many homeless-working for newspaper giant Joseph Pulitzer when he decides to raise the price that the newsies have to pay to buy the papers, which cuts into their profit when selling.

A newsboy named Jack Kelly rallies the troops in protest, creating the first newsboy union in the nation, and they went out on strike.

"This one young man, was able to bring thousands of kids to petition against this huge empire." says Jacob Kemp who plays a newsboy named Davie.

"And they won! It's the most fantastic thing, really just standing together and fighting for what you believe in," adds Dan DeLuca who takes on the role of Jack Kelly.

Both the musical score and the choreography earned Tony awards.

"What these boys do it's just insane. They can, you know, flip over backwards in the air on a dime," says Deluca.

His love interest, a journalist played by Stephanie Styles, describes the choreography this way. "Its madness."

And Director Jeff Calhoun adds "It really is the best dancing I've seen on Broadway in decades."

"This show is a beast, it's a Disney theatrical beast," says DeLuca.

Newsies has a 4 day run at the Academy of Music starting October 28th. For tickets and show times, go
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