Ebola survivors face more health problems

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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa may finally be waning, but many survivors face serious new health problems. (WPVI)

The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa may finally be waning.

But in its wake, it is leaving more than 13,000 survivors who now face serious new health problems.

The World Health Organization says about half of the survivors have chronic joint pain, extreme fatigue, frequent headaches, and trouble concentrating.

It's keeping many from working again.

Those who were the sickest seem to have the worst problems, but the exact cause of the pain is not know, so doctors can only treat the symptoms.

In addition, a quarter of the survivors have eye problems, including vision loss and blindness, because the virus can stay in the eye even when it's not in the blood.

There is no treatment proven to get rid of the virus in the eyes.

Doctors have seen some survivors have had rapidly developing cataracts.

Surgery to remove the cataract can restore vision, but that could expose doctors and nurses to Ebola virus.

So none of those cataracts have been removed.

Doctors say more eye specialists are needed, to save the survivors' vision
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