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Registered Nurse Ali Gorman has tips on maintaining your weight, a warning about DIY Teeth Straightening and how swimming can help kids with asthma. (WPVI)

The Association of Orthodontics has issued a strong warning against an internet trend: DIY teeth straightening. People can be seen in online videos using small rubber bands to shift their teeth. One local orthodontist said trained professionals use rubber bands to apply pressure in a controlled way and doing it without a doctor can result in big problems.
"They can ride up into the gum tissue, and actually strangle the tooth," said Dr. Monisha Iyer from Segal and Iyer Orthodontics.

Doctors say fixing the problems created by D-I-Y braces can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Swimming, especially in indoor pools, can help asthmatic children build fitness without risking an asthma attack, and as the kids' lungs get stronger, they get better control of their asthma. They also lose their fear of exercise, and become more confident. At one school for kids with chronic diseases, they've found that students who swim have fewer emergency room visits and hospital stays.

And in Today's Tip: Losing weight is tough, Keeping it off can be even tougher. But following a few maintenance tips can help.

Have a support system, friends, family, group meetings or a dietitian.
Keep a food journal, even on your smartphone.

Weigh in once per week.
Exercise 60 minutes per day
Eat breakfast - That helps keep your blood sugar level more stable.

Following these tips can help keep the weight off.

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