Working out mind and body with Intensati

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"Inten," meaning intention - "Sati," meaning mindfulness. (WPVI)

There is a new workout that helps to get both your body and your mind in better shape.

It's called Intensati. "Inten," meaning intention - "Sati," meaning mindfulness.

Some say it's a bit like Tony Robbins or Joel O'Steen rolled up into a tough fitness class.

It is a high energy aerobics class, and you are not just getting your heart rate up, you're also working to improve your mood, boost your confidence and change your outlook with positive affirmations.

Trainer Betsy Cast at the Aquatic and Fitness Center says in order to make lasting changes in your health, your career or relationships, you have to change your mindset.

Cast says, "if we can start to change our minds as hard as we're training our bodies and try to link those things together, connect the mind to the body, that's when the shifts last."

And boosting that mind-body connection is also what makes this class different than other fitness classes.

As a somewhat newbie, I can say the moves are easy to pick up. Screaming positive affirmations may seem funny at first, but the effect sticks with you.

But if you're just into the calorie burn, you won't be disappointed - you can burn 300 to 800 calories in about an hour. And fellow instructor Amy Fox says talking boosts the burn.

Fox explains, "Because you are increasing your O2 burn capacity so if you are talking while you are working out you are burning more calories."

And Betsy says all levels are welcome. As long as you are moving and talking, you'll see results on the outside and feel them on the inside.

Intensati is offered at the Aquatic and Fitness Center in Bala Cynwyd:

And Westin Fitness in Center City:

To find more locations, visit:
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