Couple's 'the hunt is over' engagement photo goes viral

(Joshua Rainey Photography)

When photographer Joshua Rainey arrived in Siletz, Ore. for an engagement photo shoot, newly betrothed Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll knew exactly what they wanted to do.

Avid elk hunters, the couple wanted to do a save-the-date photo that played off their shared hobby. Not only would Beard pose with her rifle and a sign declaring "The hunt is over!" but Hogevoll would hang upside-down in the background.

"The couple knew exactly what they wanted so we worked together to create their vision on camera," Rainey told ABC.

Joshua Rainey Photography

They worked quickly, since Hogevoll could only be upside-down for a few minutes at a time, but the result was a memorable image.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation posted the photo to its Facebook page with a single quote from Beard, "Bagged myself a nice one!" It has since received over 160,000 likes and been shared almost 30,000 times.

Find more of Joshua Rainey's work on his Facebook page and website.

Photo used with permission, courtesy of Joshua Rainey Photography.
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