In the Kitchen with Alessi - Bringing Back Family Meals

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In the Kitchen with Alessi
Bringing Back Family Meals
FYI Philly December 16, 7:30pm, with encore on December 17 midnight
FYI Philly January 20, 7:00pm, with encore on January 21 midnight
FYI Philly February 10, 7:00pm, with encore on February 11 midnight

Hungry for a little cooking inspiration? Tune in to FYI Philly for In the Kitchen with Alessi. Join Gina Gannon and Redner's Markets Nutrition Expert, Meredith McGrath, RD, LDN to learn how you can prepare tasty and healthy meals in 30 minutes or less. Gather your family around the table and start creating your authentic moments!

Family meals are a key component of healthy living, but our on-the-go lifestyles often mean eating on-the-go, too. A regular fast food diet can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other serious health issues. One of the best ways to eat healthier and engage with family members - especially teens - is by eating together. If schedules are just too hectic for regular family meals, commit to at least one day a week, and build from there. Involve other family members in the effort - they can help pick the recipes, set the table and even help prepare the meals. Buon appetito!
Dine in on Date Night!

Dine in on Date Night!
Add an extra-special vibe to your next date - instead of making reservations, make dinner! Alessi has rounded up some recipes below that make dining in for date night quite a delight - and the meals can be prepared in 30-minutes or less.
Redner's Markets want to help you get cookin'!

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A lasagna and a chicken Caesar salad that will blow away your dinner night.

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We've got some restaurant quality recipes you can make in your own kitchen.

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