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A look at some of the lottery winners that have used their winnings to do good in their communities (KTRK)

A few lucky people are waking up winners after last night's record-setting Powerball drawing. But how are they going to spend the money?

They could spend it on themselves, but they could be like some of the lottery winners before them who have paid their luck forward in their communities.

One couple, Violet and Allen Large, who won Canada's Atlantic Lottery for $11 million, gave huge donations to more than 60 public organizations like hospitals and fire stations.

Violet Large said at one point, "We haven't bought one thing. There's nothing we need."

Gloria Mackenzie won a huge Powerball jackpot in 2013 at the age of 84. After moving from Maine to Florida she cleared $278 million after taxes and did not forget her hometown of East Millinocket, Maine. She donated 1.8 million dollars to the local high school that was likely to be closed because of a leaky roof. A school official said the school would have died without the help.

Some of the so-called Albany 7 - seven New York state workers who split a $319 million jackpot in 2011 - gave back to their community. John Kutey and his wife donated $200,000 to construct a spray park in their town of Green Island, New York, in honor of their parents.

Canadian Tom Crist won $40 million in 2013, and his first donation was $1.2 million to the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary. His wife Janice had died of cancer a year before.

For more on their contributions, watch the video above.

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