Ducis Rodgers speaks with Eagles head coach Doug Pederson

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Ducis Rodgers interviews Doug Pederson. (WPVI)

Action News sports director Ducis Rodgers speaks with Doug Pederson moments after the official team press conference naming him the new Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

Ducis: Doug, congratulations, what does this mean to you to finally become head coach?

Doug: It means the world. I'll start with this, it's something I have prayed about. It's something that I felt was coming down the pipeline, so to speak, with becoming the quality control, quarterback, the chain of climbing the ladder. This is a special moment for me and my family and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Ducis: You play here, you coach here, it takes a certain kind of temperament to be in this city, what makes you think you have that quality?

Doug: I just think I played here in 1999, I've seen the success of successful programs - the Packers, the Chiefs - back in Philadelphia as a coach, understanding the culture, understanding the fans, a great owner, great management, great mentors that have come before in this position - Andy Reid. Just learning from that and the experiences I've had as a former player and now as a coach have prepared me for this situation.

Ducis: You bring up the fact that you are a former player, a lot of coaches now in the NFL are career coaches, the fact that you played the game, what kind of leg up do you think that gives you in terms of making you a good head coach?

Doug: I think what it does is it helps you relate to players. You've been in that locker room. You've put that pads on just like those players have. You have sort of a sensitive side to that. But with any leadership position, it's about relationship and it's about understanding the player, not only as a football player, but as a person, and getting to know that person is very important. Those are things as I get more familiar with this roster, be able to dive deeper into the relationship value of the team.

Ducis: Teams that have won the Super Bowl in recent years, there has been a special relationship between head coach and the quarterback, the fact that you are a former quarterback, along those lines is that, again, giving you a leg up?

Doug: I think it does. You think a lot like the quarterbacks of today, especially as a coordinator, you put yourself and you try to put the quarterback in your shoes, calling plays, and I think that helps. I think it helps that you've been behind center, you know what it's like back there and you know what the quarterback is seeing or not seeing and you can make him better just from your experiences of being a player and playing that position.

Ducis: When you were up there, you mentioned Andy taught you about family and trust. What does that means to you?

Doug: It's my core value. It's what I believe in. I think that this business can be a cutthroat business and if you don't have the support of your family, friends, and those relationships, those bonds as you go, this can be a tough job, this can be a tough situation. Your focus is going to be family first and then the football stuff kind of takes care of itself.

Ducis: Why Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator?

Doug: I've coached against him, I've studied his defenses in the past. He brings a style of play that can attack the passer with four down linemen, it freezes linebackers, it allows his players to play fast, it's not a complicated system, and he has a proven track record. He's a defensive coordinator in this league who has called over 200 plus games and that experience alone made him the right choice for the DC job.

Ducis: You obviously haven't been gone that long so you know some of the personnel that are on this team right now, what relationship have you had with, let's say like Jason Kelce, and have those guys reached out to you yet?

Doug: Yeah, I've had a chance to run in to those players. I'm happy for where they've come in their careers, number one, and it gives me I think a comfort level of knowing who they are one as people and two as players. I just look forward to continuing that relationship with them as we go.
Ducis: Last question, on a lighter note, we saw you coming off the plane, it was about 20 degrees, maybe 10 with the wind chill, no coat, do you have a coat now?

Doug: (Laughs) No.

Ducis: Did anybody give you the business for not having a coat?

Doug: No, nobody did. Heck, I stood on the sidelines at Kansas City for some of those cold games, I'm kind of used to it right now. Still in football mode.

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