Air Force veteran, son who give back with football heading to Super Bowl 50

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For one man, football is more than just a sport. It's a vehicle for him to give back to the community. (WPVI)

For Felix Agosto Sr., football is a more than just a sport. It's a vehicle through which he can give back to the community.

Agosto Sr., a retired Air Force veteran, came back to Philadelphia realizing underprivileged youth needed an outlet, a distraction from the streets.

A product of that environment himself, he created MVP 360, a nonprofit youth sports program whose goal is to help kids overcome life's obstacles.

"I think what it does is it kind of gives them hope that not everything has to be the way they see it every day they step out their door. Some of the kids are in the middle of gang territory and violence and crime, sometimes that gets ingrained into your brain and you think that's the way the world is," Agosto said.

The NFL took notice and thanks to his work with MVP 360, Agosto won a contest and a free trip to Super Bowl 50.

"It's still unbelievable to me. I won't feel it until I'm actually there and experiencing everything that goes on around it," Agosto Sr. said.

For his son, Felix Agosto Jr. the Super Bowl will actually be his very first NFL game.

"I never thought I'd be going to the Super Bowl," Agosto Jr. said.

It is a once in a lifetime experience, for a son who almost didn't get a chance at life at all.

"I call him a miracle baby. When he was born he was one pound seven ounces," Agosto Sr. said.

Felix Jr. was born at 24 weeks. Doctors told his father, he wouldn't make it.

Miraculously, his only health issue was trouble with his feet that cause pain when he plays sports.

But football still bonds the father and son.

Agosto Sr. is on the field as his son is behind the camera.

"I just started taking pictures and apparently they were good. I pretty much stayed here ever since. It's a way our relationship grows," Agosto Jr. said.

"To him, it's something that's natural and he's really good at it. He's not only my son, but he's also becoming a partner," Agosto Sr. said.

And now he and his partner will hit the road together to make some super memories on the grandest of stages

Agosto Sr. pays for much of the equipment for his program out of his own pocket. For ways that you can help go to

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