Snow showers not a problem in Delaware

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It's been snowing on and off throughout the day in Delaware. (WPVI)

Light snow showers came down over Delaware on and off throughout the day Tuesday, but for most it was mainly just a nuisance - not anything to cause much of a problem.

DelDOT did brine the roads on Monday ahead of the snow and crews have been on standby, but thus far have not been needed.

People out and about aren't too concerned. After all, they dealt with a blizzard a couple weeks ago. And at this point, that's the only snow that's sticking around.

Kyle Hicks of Chester, Pa. tells us, "It's in the way. It's too much right now. I mean it's cold. That's what it is. I need it to be warm again."

The flakes that did fall hit the pavement and quickly melted away on contact.

On Route 202 in North Wilmington, traffic was moving along without any problem.

Jeffrey Vlado of South Philadelphia says, 'Yeah, we was on the roads. It wasn't really slippery out there."

Occasionally, a quick burst of heavier snow would come through, lowering visibility. But that lasted only a matter of minutes.

Stacie Mahueran grew up in Canada and wasn't all that impressed by this winter weather.

She says, "It's not sticking, so where I am from it doesn't really count."

Some snow did stick on the grass, but even side streets were just wet.

Tuesday's snow didn't deter people from getting out and about - shopping for groceries, getting gas - but they were ready to get home before the sun sets.

Maheuran tells us, "Well, I'm sure this evening it will be a little worse as things start to freeze over. But it's kind of why I am happy to head home now before that starts."

DelDOT says it could get icy in spots, and they'll salt if it does, but they did not seems too worried, telling us that at this point road surfaces remain too warm.

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