Voters in New Hampshire ready for primary results

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In schools, churches and community centers across the Granite State 100,000 voters flocked to the polls Tuesday. (WPVI)

In schools, churches, and community centers across the Granite State, 100,000 voters flocked to the polls Tuesday.

After months of being courted by presidential hopefuls, they were ready to go on the record with their favorites

Throngs of voters waited patiently outside Webster Elementary School in Manchester.

Down the street, it was a similar scene at a community center on Elm Street with 3,000 people steadily filing in. That's up to 75 percent of the registered voters in Ward 3, an impressive turnout.

Workers tried to smooth the process.

"They can choose Democrat or Republican, but they can go back to undeclared before they leave," Gail Athas, Ward 3 moderator, said.

Voter ID is required in New Hampshire, but if you don't have one, you fill out a form, they take your picture, and a deputy registrar makes it official.

There were still many undecideds, even Tuesday morning.

Others were more certain of their candidate.

"I knew who I didn't want to vote for, but I had a couple that I was considering - between two when I walked through the door," voter Marsha Chapple said.

Voter Robert Fremeau respects the format in New Hampshire.

"Gives lesser known, lower funded candidates an opportunity to get their message out and have a real shot at the White House," Fremau said.

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