Consumer Reports tests best vacuums for plush carpets

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If your vacuum seems to be no match for your carpets, rest assured you're not alone. (WPVI)

If your vacuum seems to be no match for your carpets, rest assured you're not alone.

New carpeting marketed as ultraplush or ultrasoft is posing an ultra problem for many vacuums. Consumer Reports' experts have tips on what you can do to fix it.

Theyfeel great under your feet, but these super cushy carpets can really challenge your vacuum.

Consumer Reports' Dave Trezza says carpets like the Caress from Shaw or the Karastan from Mohawk are so thick that vacuums can't move freely back and forth.

"The vacuum creates such a tight seal, it sucks in the carpet and you're unable to move it," said Trezza.

And some vacuums are nearly impossible to move. Even leaning with all his body weight, Dave Trezza couldn't get it to budge.

Carpet manufacturers actually recommend specific vacuums they say will work on plush carpets. Consumer Reports tried some out.

"We did find vacuums that are easier to move on these types of carpets, but you also want a vacuum that performed well in our regular cleaning tests," said Trezza.

For plush carpets, Consumer Reports recommends the $400 dollar Kenmore Elite canister, with its "ultraplush" system. It cleans up on both regular carpet and bare floors very well.

If an upright is more your speed, this Hoover Wind Tunnel handles the carpets just fine, and at $180 dollars is a Consumer Reports Best Buy.

But before you go out and buy a new vacuum, Consumer Reports says another solution is to try raising the powerhead to a higher setting. If that's not an option, try adjusting the airflow on the suction control dial. That might be enough to get your vacuum moving.

Consumer Reports says raising the powerhead and reducing the airflow might also reduce cleaning power, so you may need to go over the same spot to thoroughly remove dirt.

Another very good upright option is the Miele Dynamic U-1 Twist for $450 dollars. It costs more but it's quieter and even better on carpets.

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