Hollywood trainer shares workout secrets to get anyone "Red Carpet Ready"

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Working out for the red carpet! (WPVI)

The Oscars are just days away.

But the stars have been working for weeks to get red carpet ready bodies.

Jeanette Jenkins, of TheHollywoodTrainer.com, says her clients - like Pink or Alicia Keyes - work out an average of 2 hours a day for 3 to 6 weeks before Oscar night.

"We hit everything. We do cardio, we do sculpting. and then we balance it with yoga and pilates," she says of her speedy shape-up.

"These are people who have been working out already consistently and then they're like I've got to look amazing for this red carpet, so then we kind of take everything up a level," says Jenkins.

But because most gowns show bare shoulders, Jenkins' says her workouts "really hit those arms and the upper body.

She says the "row and fly" combo exercis is a celebrity favorite - and it really works.

Jenkins says nutrition is also a key.

She has clients cut their sugar consumption by cutting out processed foods and sweets

And she preaches confidence - love your body, and hold your head high

"My number one thing is never no self-hate. So you can't work out with me and be like "I hate my legs"," says Jenkins.

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