Tree falls on SUV in Hatboro, Montgomery County

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The storm cleanup begins in Horsham, Pa. (WPVI)

Montgomery County residents are cleaning up from the damage caused by Wednesday night's storm.

The winds showed no mercy to a huge tree along West Mill Road in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

The tree came toppling down right onto this SUV.

Homeowner Gary Schubert is thankful no one was inside the vehicle and the tree didn't hit his home.

He says he was away at the time, but his wife and grandson were at home.

"He was shaken up a little bit. He wanted to sleep in the basement until it calmed down last night," Schubert said.

Joe Birl lives in the area. He was impressed by Mother Nature's fury and says he had to capture the images.

"Took some pictures, showed the wife. That could have been us," Birl said.

The downed tree was an unexpected start to a Thursday morning, but they know things could have been much worse.

The Schubert family is counting their blessings and now preparing to clean up the damage.

"These trees have been through a lot longer and I've been through tougher stuff since we've been here. That's why I was surprised that this one came down because it's a healthy tree," Schubert said.

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