Iowa bill would allow kids age 14 or younger to have gun with parental supervision

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A fiery debate is underway in Iowa over a controversial bill involving kids and guns. (WPVI)

Children of all ages in Iowa will be able to lay down their toy guns and pick up the real thing under a bill that passed the State House of Representatives this week.

The measure would allow children age 14 or younger to possess a pistol, revolver or the ammunition under parental supervision.

Supporters say the bill is designed to correct a current code that forbids children 14 and younger from handling pistols.

Rep. Jake Highfill (R) Iowa says, "We want to make sure we turn power back to parents. Allow them to make the decision if they're children are ready or not ready."

But opponents call it absurd.

Rep. Kristin Running-Marquardt (D) Iowa said, "We do not need a militia of toddlers. We do not have handguns that fit the hands of two year olds."

The bill is now headed for the State Senate.

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