Police seek group assaulting Catholic school students in Center City

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Police say two Roman Catholic High School students were attacked this week. (WPVI)

Police say two Roman Catholic High School students were attacked this week.

One incident happened Wednesday, a second on Friday and police say there may be a third victim who hasn't yet gone to police.

Investigators are trying to find the group responsible while asking parents to help control their kids.

Jimmy Fallon's eye is swollen and bloodied. He has a concussion after a group of teens jumped him in front of the Municipal Services Building at JFK and Broad on Wednesday afternoon.

"They were just sitting there and the first kid swung at me, and I tried defending myself and then they all just started jumping on me," said Fallon.

"Makes you scared because 10 minutes prior I'm telling my son I love him, and I'm getting a phone call from somebody saying your son just got beat up and he's laying here crying," said James Fallon, father.

The Roman Catholic freshman estimates more than a dozen students from another school pummeled him.

He was walking to the train station after school when he was attacked.

"They rolled me over and my phone fell out of my pocket and they just kept kicking me, and then when I got up they said the kid took my phone and ran with it," said Jimmy Fallon.

The phone was later tracked to West Philadelphia but, at this point, police say they have no suspects.

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia School District, Philadelphia Police Department, SEPTA and others met to find ways to curb the problem of students converging on Center City after school and committing crimes.

"It's heart wrenching. This is like the fourth occurrence for Roman kids this year," said Kelly Fallon, mother. "You want them to be safe and, like my husband said, I don't know what the answer is."

"It just seems like, in my opinion, the Catholic school kids, the private kids, are getting picked on because people think they have money," said James Fallon.

Police say parents can help by making sure you children head directly home after school.

Police are looking for any eyewitnesses to come forward. Detectives say there are surveillance cameras in the area, but they did not provide an solid leads.

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