Suspect identified after unmarked police car struck by gunfire in Frankford

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Police say two men are in custody after an unmarked police car was struck by gunfire in the city's Frankford section.

Police have identified the man taken into custody after an unmarked police car was struck by gunfire in the city's Frankford section.

Malik Smith, 21, is charged with pointing a gun at an officer, aggravated assault, simple assault, conspiracy and related offenses.

Police first arrested two men, but the second male was cleared during the investigation.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. Friday in the 5300 block of Hedge Street.

Police say they were already in the area conducting a narcotics investigation when they heard shots fired nearby and drove to check it out.

"One officer who was operating a solo car south on 5300 Hedge then saw several males, about three to four with guns, who pointed the guns directly at the police car and fired several shots at the police vehicle," said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The officer had two males from a narcotics arrest in the rear of his unmarked car.

Five shots were fired, police say. Two hit the car's bumper, piercing the radiator.

"It's extremely brazen for one individual, possibly more than one individual, to fire multiple shots at a car," said Small.

The officer took cover and stopped his car and give chase on foot. The male ran back into a side alley, which leads west back toward Lesher Street.

According to police, the officer then ran to the alley and after clearing the alley he exited with his gun drawn, at which time he saw three males all pointing guns in his direction.

The officer took cover and verbally identified himself as a police officer and then confronted the males.

Two of the males, one of which was armed with a silver revolver, ran north on Lesher toward Brill, police said.

The third male started to run south toward Bridge, allegedly with the gun, but was cut off by responding officers.

He began to run back and forth behind a parked minivan, and as the officer approached the male he heard the sound of metal striking the ground and believed the male had thrown the gun.

It turned out no gun was found on the male or in the area.

That male was later identified as 21-year-old Malik Smith.

Small points out that no one was hurt during the incident, in part due to the officer, whose car was fired upon, keeping his calm.

"The officer showed a lot of restraint this time by not firing their weapon," said Small. "The officer used his head, took his time and still ended up making two arrests without using deadly force."

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