Villanova returns home to fanfare after victory over Kansas

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Fans say they just had to show their support for a team that's been a blast to watch all season long. (WPVI)

One by one the players stepped foot on campus Sunday after a nail-biting win over Kansas, earning them a trip to the Final Four in Houston.

"Oh my God I was physically ill. It was amazing. They're just so much fun," said Nina Heppe, Villanova.

Coach Jay Wright says it's been a long trip away from Villanova.

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"We were driving up on Lancaster Avenue and we all said, 'Man it's so nice to be home,' " said Wright.

But he says he knows his players will keep their focus despite the hype.

"When you get to the Final Four, it's off the charts," said Wright. "Thank God we were there once before so we have a little bit of a feel, and we can hopefully help the players handle it."

Many fans were sporting their Nova gear and holding signs, but some were in their Sunday best, having just left Easter Mass.

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"We're going to dinner this evening so we really have nothing on the schedule for this afternoon so we thought we'd pop down and cheer on the Cats," said Sheila Sweeney, Malvern.

And the players were thankful for that.

"Any time you come back from anywhere you know the Nova Nation is going to be out in full force, and I think they were even on Easter Sunday so it's pretty awesome," said Ryan Arcidiacono, guard.

"I didn't think people would know when we were getting back, but it just shows how great our fans are," said Daniel Ochefu, forward.

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Those fans say they just had to show their support for a team that's been a blast to watch all season long.

"I was here 31 years ago when I was a senior, and I just felt I had to be here," said Joe Lynch, Berwyn.

"The kids just love Villanova. We watched the game last night, and it was just so exciting," said Jim Sears, Villanova. "We're happy they're in the Final Four, and hopefully they can keep on winning."

The team has the day off for Easter, but it's back to practice Monday, getting ready for that Final Four game against Oklahoma on Saturday.

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