Study: posture can affect dating life

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A new study shows good posture may help your love life by helping you make a good first impression. (WPVI)

Having good posture can help prevent aches and pains.

But now a new study shows it may also help your love life, by helping you make a good first impression.

The nationwide study found that speed daters were more likely to say yes to a second meeting with a person sitting up straight, with relaxed, open arms.

People who were hunched, or crossed their arms, didn't get that second date.

But what about dating using an online app?

Researchers say the same thing happened with profile pictures on those apps.

Researchers say the better posture signals confidence and approachability - both important qualities in a relationship.

The study was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

So follow mom's advice and sit up straight if you want that second date.

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