Exclusive: Adults watch as special needs students fight

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Not only did the brawl take place in full view of at least one adult, it seems no one stepped in to stop it. (WPVI)

Alexon Jackson's 13-year-old son attends Northwestern Human Services School (NHS) in Reading which helps kids with autism and behavioral problems.

His son was one of two special needs students seen fighting on a cell phone video that was posted on Facebook and later removed.

Jackson says he couldn't tell Action News why his son was involved in the fight.

"But my thing is how does it even get that far? When you're allowing kids that are in that type of situation, to sit there, and physically go at it, rather than help them come up with alternative ways to better handle their behavior. Are you really helping them?" Jackson said.

In one instance, one unidentified adult is seen and heard leaving the room.

"I don't want any part in this," she is heard saying.

While a second stays to watch, even pushing a kid back into to the brawl.

NHS spokesperson Kevin Feeley tells Action News they're aware of the video and began an immediate investigation.

"A fight in the classroom is something that you just can't tolerate. So we expect that there will be some action taken as soon as we learn more of the facts," Feeley said.

Jackson tells Action News he agrees his son has to be accountable for his actions.

"But you have adults there to stop it. Any other school, if anything happens, what happens? A fight breaks out, you have adults come in to break it up, that wasn't happening," Jackson said.

Jackson says his biggest concern is just how long these types of classroom fights have been going on.

The school says this does not happen often.

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