Jobs topic of discussion at Trump event in Harrisburg, Pa.

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Jobs was No. 1 among a number of items covered by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Thursday during a stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (WPVI)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump covered a number of items Thursday during a stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At the top of the list was jobs.

"The state of Pennsylvania has lost 35 percent of its manufacturing jobs since 2001," said Trump. "How did you let that happen guys?"

Trump's answer: China and others took advantage of U.S. policy makers.

"Politicians allowed all of these jobs essentially to be shipped overseas," said Trump.

The Trump narrative of politicians who fumbled trade deals and allowed unchecked immigration played well with most in attendance.

Mostly, his promise that he would build a wall and bring back manufacturing.

"If he accomplishes some of those things, much better than anything we've had," said Don D'Amico of Hanover. "We've just been going downhill for years."

But not everyone was on board. Several anti-Trump protesters were identified and escorted out.

Trump's speaking style at times was free form. He briefly touched on Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

"They were great at killing terrorists. They were great," said Trump. "We are not good at killing terrorists."

In the middle of talking about trade, Trump shifted to playing golf as a Wharton student at Philadelphia's Cobbs Creek course.

"You met people at Cobbs Creek that were actually very, very sophisticated hustlers," said Trump. "And if you could survive on Cobbs Creek, you could practically survive anywhere."

Ahead of the event, Action News spoke with people who arrived early to get as close to the candidate as possible.

"Because I wanted to get a better selfie of Mr. Trump and myself then the one I got in Miami," said Donna Steinberg of Doylestown.

What is it about Trump they like? Part of it is his style, and he is not afraid to be politically incorrect.

"I love how blunt he is, and I think it is extremely important for someone to be honest with the country about what's going on with the economy and immigration," said Brynn Monihan, Gettysburg College student.

People we spoke with say they also like his message.

There is a deep distrust of established political leaders. That they have let the country down, losing control of America's Sovereign borders.

"He is going to build a wall, and who's going to pay for it?" said Gail D'Amico of Hanover. "Mexico!"

At the same time, they blame the establishment for letting jobs go overseas. They believe only a billionaire has the guts to change things.

"It's time for the United States to start bringing back some of its workforce," said James Pepple of New Enterprise.

With their "Make America Great Again" hats and Trump shirts, most we spoke with are 100 percent committed to Trump, but we found a man who came just to watch.

"I'm curious to see how he approaches his people when he's up close and personal," said David Lehman of Duncannon.
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