New policy aimed at ending cat calls

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Catcalling at construction sites is not new.

Catcalling at construction sites is not new.

But the development group Greenland Forrest City in New York wants to make sure their workers have no part in it.

The crews now have color coded stickers on their helmets, to mark which specific project they are on.

It is part of an effort make it easier for women to report inappropriate behavior.

But some women feel the stickers won't change the mentality.

Leah Voss, a Prospect Heights commuter says, "It is part of the construction hard hat atmosphere."

Another commuter, Lily Wen adds, "It is not an individual thing, it is a group thing."

The stickers have been on the workers' helmets for about a month.

Developers say, in that time they've received no harassment complaints.

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