Jamie Apody gets VIP tour of Sixers soon-to-be new practice facility

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Later this fall, the Sixers will have a new practice facility to call their own. (WPVI)

Later this fall, the Sixers will have a new practice facility to call their own.

They currently train at a local college in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia. The new spot is designed to give the players more than the comforts of home.

Sports reporter Jamie Apody got a VIP tour of the team's soon-to-be home away from home.

"Up here you're gonna have an incredible view of the courts. The two courts here, there are gonna be 10 baskets," said Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil. "A little different from our junior high gym that we're practicing in now."

O'Neil says the facility will also include a 4-star restaurant with a chef that will cook the players ready-to-order meals.

"We want to make sure they're eating healthy," said O'Neil. "It will be morning, noon and night so if you want to come shoot at 10 o' clock, we'll be able to feed you here."

The new facility will also include a lounge where players can enjoy entertainment including Xbox and ping pong or just relax.

"This will be my second home for sure," said O'Neil.

And what would the facility be without a locker room?

"The new philosophy around locker rooms is you want to look each other in the eyes to hold each other accountable," said O'Neil.

Ending the tour on a high note, the final stop was a trip to what will be a roof deck.

"You can look over here and see the spectacular views of the city, the marina, and what will be the biggest and best three-story sign there is in Philadelphia," said O'Neil.

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