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If you've been putting off spring cleaning, we're here with a few easy organizing hacks! (WPVI)

If you've been putting off spring cleaning, we're here with a few easy organizing hacks!

Tina LaMorte, a lifestyle expert and event designer from Oh So Fabulous has a few pretty genius ways to get sorted, in a quick and chic way.

If clutter is hiding behind your closed doors and cabinets, LaMorte says start with the "bag" buildup.

"I always feel bad getting rid of a good bag from a department store and also good gift bags," she said.

Grab an inexpensive file organizer from an office supply store, and start neatly stacking.

All of your gifting supplies can then easily be seen when it's time to wrap that special present!

And how about those reusable plastic supermarket bags? If they're in a big, twisted ball under the sink - don't toss that finished tissue box!

Thread those bags through each other and stuff them inside the tissue box so they are neat - and easy to grab!

If your bathroom drawer is a knotted mess of hair pins and clips, LaMorte says her "a-ha" moment came with a strip of magnetic tape.

"I cut a piece and put it on the inside drawer in my vanity and bye bye bye clutter!," she said.

You can use it for anything metal and it can go on the insides of drawers and cabinets. It even works for toy cars in a child's pleyroom!

Finally, keeping those counters clutter-free!

"So you don't want to look at the mouthwash bottle on the counter - it's an eyesore - I want to look at something decorative - but functional," said LaMorte.

Take an old olive oil bottle - or buy a new one for $5 dollars - add a pour spout and voila! It's much more easy on the eyes.

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