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If/Then plays at the Academy of Music June 21st- 26th. For tickets and show times go to (WPVI)

Broadway Philadelphia is set to close its season with an original Broadway hit that's taking the nation by storm.

If/Then is a contemporary new musical that tells the story of a divorcee trying to rebuild her life in New York City. With a world of endless possibilities, the show entices audiences to ponder the power of fate.

"It's the story basically of choices that a woman makes in her life and she gets to explore," says Frances Egler, Director of Broadway Philadelphia Programming, "if she made her choices differently how her life might have gone."

If/Then is from the creators of Next to Normal and the producers of Wicked. Superstar Idina Menzel originally played the lead character, Elizabeth. The role is now held by actress Jackie Burns, who lives out two parallel lives on stage.

"She's Beth in one story line and Liz in another and these choices that she makes impact everything that happens-love, children, friends," says Egler, "You'll see a great touring cast of's a lot of people that have really high Broadway profiles and we're excited to bring them to Philadelphia."

The show debuted on Broadway in 2014 and was nominated for two Tony Awards, including one for best original score, "it's really a great pop rock sort of up-tempo, some amazing show ballads," says Egler, "there's a number that the lead character, Beth, sings called Always Starting Over, and it's a really powerful, powerful ballad."

Egler says it's a show that tempts theater goers to contemplate their own life decisions, "You'll see it's very much a show that people will identify with the characters on stage; it's a very relatable show." If/Then plays at the Academy of Music June 21st- 26th. For tickets and show times go to

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