Should teens sleep in or wake up early during the summer?

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Now that school's out, many teens are sleeping in. (WPVI)

Now that school's out, many teens are sleeping in.

But parents often wonder if that's ok, or should they make them get up early?

Experts say teens need more sleep than adults, and because of changing hormones, they tend to fall asleep and wake up later.

They can easily become sleep deprived, so parents should look out for irritability, difficulty concentrating, and nodding off.

All could indicate they need an extra hour or two of sleep.

"But at the same time, they cannot be waking up at noon or so, because it will become very difficult to get back on track then the school starts back," said Dr. Harneet Walia.

Teens not getting enough sleep are more prone to micro-lapses when they drive, raising the risk of accidents.

Experts suggest an electronic curfew- all screens off 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime, to make sure the light from electronics doesn't disrupt their sleep.

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