Basketball campers learn from Kris Jenkins' coach - his mom

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Where did the Villanova star learn how to shoot? His mom. (WPVI)

The kids were ready to listen and learn from the champs at Jay Wright's annual basketball camp, but this year, he has a new coach and she isn't just unique because she's a she.

"It's the first time ever we have a player's mom as a coach at camp," Wright said.

Not just any player's mom, Kris Jenkins' mom - the guy who hit the most iconic shot in Villanova history.

"These 13-year-olds look at me and say, 'What am I doing here?' But now I say, 'If I can teach Kris Jenkins how to shoot, don't you think I should be able to teach you guys how to shoot?'" Felicia Jenkins said.

Felicia was an All-Conference player twice in college and went on to be the head coach at Benedict College and an assistant at Division I Jackson State.

But of all the players she coached, none hit a bigger shot than the kid she taught to shoot from the time he could walk.

"My mom she taught me a lot about the game and my shot was one of them. She started with me when I was young and she even coaches me on my shot to this day," Kris said.

Wright says there is no doubt Kris would say his mom is the tougher coach.

"She is relentless," Wright added.

"Kris was known as being my son. Now, no matter where I go, people recognize me as being Kris Jenkins' mom," Felicia said.

Or you can call her coach.

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