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DNC visitors generating big business for Philadelphia

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DNC delegates and politicians, along with thousands of other visitors, are generating big business around the Delaware Valley. (WPVI)

While politicians and delegates generate political drama inside halls of the Democratic National Convention, outside, they, along with thousands of other visitors, are generating big business around the Delaware Valley.

"I feel the Bern," said Massachusetts delegate Faye Morrison. "I still feel the Bern. He will have the opportunity to make me feel the Hill... but good luck with that."

Morrison and other Massachusetts delegates may not all be behind the same candidate, but they are all feeling the love for Philadelphia.

"I've been a delegate since 2000, and I always go to caucuses," said Morrison. "But this city has made you want to go out and see it."

Independence Mall has been booming with delegates, press and political junkies eager to be reminded of great parts of history while watching history be made.

"It's nice just to look at history and get some insight at where things were 300 years ago, 200 years ago," said Dylan Kelly of Orlando, Fla.

At a time of year when vacations can cause business to wane, Reading Terminal Market is showing no signs of a summer slump, at least this week.

"Hotels and restaurants - we are seeing much more activity then we would normally see this time of year," said Matt Cabrey, executive director of Select Greater Philadelphia.

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Basset Ice Cream, which is serving red, white and blueberry ice cream in celebration of the DNC, says business has doubled over the past two days, quieting fears the financial impact on the service industry would mirror that of the papal visit last fall.

"The Pope Visit was a little slower than we had liked," said Alex Bassett Strange. "We are pretty happy with the DNC."

It is estimated the convention will bring in $300 - $400 million for the greater Philadelphia area.

But in an effort to reach that number, bars and restaurants have had to make adjustments to accommodate late night crowds.

Action News checked with some of the more popular restaurants in the area.

Many are holding private events in the afternoon and early evening. And while busy, they say they are not filled.

It's too soon to calculate the exact financial impact. But so far, many businesses seem to be happy with the crowds and how they're spending.

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