Women from both sides debate historical election

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We want you - our Action News viewers - to be a part of our DNC coverage. (WPVI)

We want you - our Action News viewers - to be a part of our DNC coverage.

Action News anchors Gray Hall and Nydia Han are hosting a debate and conversation at the Famous 4th Street Deli in Queen Village.

You never know who is going to stop by.

On Thursday, we gathered a group of women to talk about this historic and unpredictable election.

They were, of course, from both sides of the isle, and it made for our most heated 4th Street Face-off yet.

"I think he's a bully. I think Donald Trump is a bully who is not qualified to run for president, and I am very scared of the prospect of having someone who is so thin-skinned, someone who is hot-headed in negotiations with foreign leaders," said Rep. Leanne Krueger-Branek (D-Pa.).
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But Trump's surrogate says the GOP candidate is ready to tackle the most challenging issues and knows what those issues are.

"Americans are truly worried about ISIS, border control, the economy at large, our trade agreements," said RNC Deputy Press Secretary Erin Elmore. "And I think that's what the focus is."

But Clinton supporters say it's their candidate whose focus is in the right place.

"The good part of Hillary is she's putting a lot of the issues that's been on the back burner on the front burner. That we're not talking about a reality host. We're talking about reality," said Marjorie Margolies, University of Pennsylvania.

"Fairness matters, and I want someone with real economic plans," said Rep. Krueger-Branek.

"Donald Trump hires women. Donald Trump has always hired women. He has them at executive level positions. He pays them sometimes as much or more than men," said Kim Alfano, Alfono Communications Principal. "His daughter is at the highest levels of his organization, higher than his sons so (put your) money where your mouth kind of thing."

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