Eagles season over: Next stop? North Dakota, maybe

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The Eagles cleaned out their lockers even before many of us have packed away our Christmas decorations. (WPVI)

It's a scene that is growing quite old around here.

The Philadelphia Eagles cleaning out their lockers even before many of us have packed away our Christmas decorations.

"Yeah, it's getting old. You always want to be there postseason. You see a lot of guys right now who's not done. It's just tough," defensive end Brandon Graham said.

"We love this game. I feel like deep down inside we should still be playing in the postseason, but you got to face reality," defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said.

For quarterback Carson Wentz, this is a new reality. Wentz is a kid accustomed to winning at every level and he does not plan on making a habit of this.

"We're not going to be back here. That same team, that same locker room will never be the same. We're going to use that. I know I'm personally going to use that. I never want to have that feeling again. I want to be playing into January for the rest of my career," Wentz said.

So what now? Every offseason the quarterbacks and wide receivers usually get together in sunny San Diego, California to work out and bond.

Jordan Matthews, however, is pushing for a different venue this year: North Dakota.

"I'm like bro, we got to get one cabin out there. I know they got cabins, a lot of space. Let's just get a cabin, we'll go throw, and then we'll look at each other the rest of the day. He's got nothing else to do," Matthews said.

"He wants to go to Fargo, North Dakota real bad. I told him I can take him right now, but you may not ever want to come back. It's pretty cold," Wentz said.

Matthews says he may even learn how to hunt.

"Yeah, I'm going to learn. I don't know if I'll handle the gun the first couple of times, but I'll be like the binoculars and do the sounds," Matthews said.

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