Toddler takes "Move Closer to Your World" literally

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Toddler hears the Action News theme song "Move Closer to Your World" and takes it as an order. (WPVI)

For most viewers "Move Closer to Your World" is simply the well-known anthem of Action News.

But for one Northeast Philadelphia toddler, it's an order.

Danielle Ripley sent us video of her 16-month old son, Kaden, bopping around to the closing credits one Saturday evening.

Ripley says, though he's been dancing to our theme song since he could pull himself up at 7-months old, he just started trying to sing along in recent weeks.

But, Kaden's Action News obsession doesn't end when the music stops.

Ripley says, during the actual broadcast, the toddler stands as close to the television as he can, determined to get his 6abc fix.

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