Maintenance program can help keep weight off

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A maintenance program can make a big difference. (WPVI)

We know losing weight is difficult, but keeping it off can be even tougher.

That's why a maintenance program can make a big difference.

A study done at the VA followed two groups of people, both had lost about nine pounds on a weight loss program.

Then one group continued to have weight loss interventions, such as group meetings and calls from a dietitian.

The other group was on their own.

After about a year, the group in the maintenance program kept more weight off.

Other, larger studies have also shown things you can do to increase your chances of keeping the weight off.

They include:

- Having a support system

- Keeping food journal that can be done on a smartphone
- Weighing in once per week
- Exercising 60 minutes per day
- Eating breakfast, that helps keep your blood sugar level more stable.

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