Consumer Extra: Save Money at Whole Foods

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Nydia Han has your Consumer Extra and tips on how to save while shopping at Whole Foods. (WPVI)

How about 6 simple tips on how to save money at Whole Foods?

Kiplinger compiled this list:

Number one: Opt for the house brand. The quality of Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value house brand is as good as national brands.

Number two: Shop the frequent sales. You may be able to find week-long national sales on top of weekend and one-day flash sales.

Number three: Buy only what you need. In many cases, whether it's bread or a head of cabbage, an employee will hand-cut just the portion you want instead of requiring you to buy the whole thing.

Number four: Stock up and save. You can net a 10% discount for buying certain products by the case rather than in individual bottles or packages.

Number five: Pick the right night to shop. Whole Foods offers specials on food and drinks on certain days of the week.

And Number six: Use the Whole Foods Kids' Club. Every time you take your kids with you to the store, stop at Customer Service to pick up a Kids' Club Coupon good for a complimentary organic apple, 100% Organic fruit leather, or natural animal crackers.

Whole Foods also offers free Kids' Club cooking classes, art activities, and other educational workshops on a monthly basis.

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