Victims of alleged Pa. sex offender share their stories

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Two women have come forward to share their stories of assault and abuse, claiming they were targeted by an alleged serial sex offender. (WPVI)

Two women have come forward to share their stories of assault and abuse, claiming they were targeted by an alleged serial sex offender in Bucks County.

They hope to encourage anyone who may have been victimized by Williams Charles Thomas to come forward.

"I have decided to take a stand for myself and everyone else who's been a victim," said one victim, only identifying herself as 23-year-old J.S.

"I was being taken advantage of by a grown adult child molester. I hope that anyone else who was affected by this man please step up, you will be heard. Everyone deserves justice for this horrible situation," said the other victim, 26-year-old J.M.

They reported to police that Thomas, a handyman in their trailer community in Falls Township, started sexually abusing them at the ages of four and seven respectively.

And that started a pattern of abuse that went on for years, they said.

But they decided they would stay silent no longer.

"I feel as though not enough people come forward and speak up," said J.S.

"You blame yourself for being the outcast, the weird one, for the things you've been put through. But today, I will no longer feel that way," said J.M.

Thomas, 58, is accused of sexually assaulting six children over the course of approximately 40 years.

William Charles Thomas

After police had finally been tipped off to the case, they made the arrest and recovered thousands of pieces of evidence.

They allegedly found everything from child pornography, to children's underwear, to journals in which he wrote of his alleged criminal behavior.

J.M. and J.S. said they don't want justice only for themselves, they want justice for any child in the future who may fall victim to a predator.

"I fought depression and the anxiety and you can too. Children are so young and innocent and no one deserves something like this," said J.S.

During his preliminary hearing, Thomas flatly denied all charges against him.

Thomas remains behind bars on $750,000 bail. He has a court hearing next month.

Anyone who may have been a victim, or who may have more information, is asked to contact:

Falls Township Seargeant Christopher Clark at 215-302-3315 or

Bucks County Detective Lt. Robert Gorman at 215-340-8141 or


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