Police seek scam artists targeting NJ stores

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The search is on for two women targeting unsuspecting cashiers at Burlington Coat Factory stores in New Jersey.

Police say the women have been caught on surveillance video pulling this scam three times over the past few months.

Officers have watched the footage repeatedly, and say it's unclear exactly what they're doing. It's only later that stores realize the women walked away with thousands of dollars.

Police say it's a well-rehearsed scam.

"This is a well-prepared, well-practiced plan. They had it down. They work together," said Lt. Joseph Friel of Evesham Police. "They did it perfectly."

Grainy surveillance video from a Marlton store shows the women in action.

Police say they come to the cash register and purchase hundreds of dollars in merchandise - including a number of men's suits - only to immediately return the suits.

Cash is counted, and exchanged, again and again.

"We definitely see those two females confusing the cashier. They have some type of scam they're doing. They're going back and forth, returning merchandise," said Friel. "It's probably about a 15 minute ordeal from beginning to end."

At one point, one of the women moves to a different register and does the same thing - purchasing then returning merchandise - and somehow making off with money.

Only after the women leave did the store management discover one register was short $1,120 dollars.

The same thing happened at two other stores.

Police hope to find the women before they strike again.

"The one female has bright red, dyed hair. We're hoping that somebody recognizes her, somebody sees her in maybe another store doing the same thing, and calls the police as it's happening," said Friel. "Or call us and give us some information on how to locate her."

Of course, police also want store managers to be on the lookout. They have little doubt the women will try this again, and often these types of criminals are caught in the act.


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