Can you tell which of these guns is real?

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Can you spot which of these 8 guns is real? (WPVI)

Which of these 8 guns is real?

It's a big question that sparked a very important discussion on the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office Facebook page on Friday.

Seven of the guns pictured are pellet guns, which pose no real danger. But one is real.

The scenario posted by the department: If you came upon a suspect pulling out one of these, which would move you to resort to deadly force?

They want the public to understand that even though they are trained and educated, sometimes it's hard to decipher a real gun in a split second.

So which one is the real gun?

They revealed the answer on Monday.

If you chose #6, you're correct!

They say 51% of those who took the challenge got it right.

But police add that we had time to stare and compare, and that's hardly the case for our men and women in blue out in the field.

They wrote today's rough reality is this: "The only way to be 100% sure is to commit to taking a shot before returning fire."
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