Child rescued from well in Bucks County

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Firefighters rescued a child from a well in Bucks County. (WPVI)

Bucks County crews rescued a 5-year-old boy from a well in Buckingham Township.

The incident occurred around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday on Swamp Road between Creamery and Mozart roads.

Lingohocken Fire Chief David James says it was one of those calls that sends chills down your spine.

"A 5-year-old child fell approximately 15 feet down into a well with about two feet of water in it," James said.

Emergency crews arrived to learn that the 5-year-old had been standing on top of a sealed well in the backyard of his home.

The cover apparently buckled and the little boy fell in.

Photos taken during the rescue show first responders wasted no time to reach the boy.

Firefighters placed a porous towel over the child's head to prevent him from breathing debris during the rescue.

"At the time, my deputy chief made his way down into the well via rope. Check the patient out real quick, we lowered down in attic ladder, and he assisted the child carrying him up the ladder and passing him off to the medics. Amazingly enough, the child was conscious and alert and extremely upset," James said.

The youngster, along with his parents, were transported to St. Mary Medical Center to be checked out.

He was released a few hours later after being treated for nothing more than minor bumps and bruises.

Chief James says he's thanking his lucky stars tonight that this story has a happy ending.

"It's one of those calls where you're just amazed that this kid just went through what he went through and besides the scratch I saw on his leg, he was in really good shape," James said.
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