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Convicted felon, facing up to 70 years in jail, working at Main Line car dealership

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Watch Wendy Saltzman's Action News undercover investigation. (WPVI)

Would you willingly turn over your private financial information to a thief?

An Action News undercover investigation has found a Main Line car dealership entrusting customers' socials security numbers, bank accounts, and other details to a felon who's facing up to 70 years behind bars.

Chester County resident Marc Ferry pleaded guilty to his role in scamming the elderly out of $13 million. Right now he is awaiting sentencing in that federal case.

So we were surprised to learn he has access to people's private financial information once again, and the customers we spoke to say they knew nothing about the salesman's criminal past.

Ferry was free on borrowed time when Action News cameras caught up with him.

The Main Line car salesman was supposed to be sentenced in Philadelphia's federal court last month for his involvement in a $13 million telemarketing scheme, which the feds say victimized tens of thousands of senior citizens across the United States.

"What about those elderly victims, Marc? Do you feel any remorse for the money you took from them," Action New investigative reporter Wendy Saltzman asked.

"I can't talk about it through the US Attorney, I can't talk to you," Marc said.

Action News first learned about the felon car dealer when a former employee at Ardmore Nissan tipped us off that there was a criminal working at the prominent dealership.

"I was floored. I was like, how could he be working in this industry where a lot of people's information - social security numbers, dates of birth - all the information he would have used prior to do the crimes he committed before, he's now able to do again at the expense of maybe Ardmore Nissan," said the former employee, who asked not to be identified.

Our undercover cameras and investigation confirmed Ferry, who pleaded guilty to two charges of money laundering and wire fraud, was not only selling cars, but also involved with customers' financing.

"They are supposed to trust the person they are sitting in front of, but actually they are sitting across from a convicted felon," the former employee said.

Marty and Loretta Marcucci told Action News that they had no idea the man they bought a truck from faces 70 years behind bars.

"He took his social, everything really," said Loretta Marcucci.

We asked the Marcuccis if Ferry had ever mentioned his criminal past during the transaction.

"Oh, no. Do you think somebody's going to say, 'I go around scamming people,'" said Marty Marcucci.

In 2015, the FTC settled a separate $10.7 million case against Ferry linked to the same telemarketing scam.

Attorney Sarah Waldrop from the Bureau of Consumer Protection tells Action News that Ferry, along with two other co-defendants, were withdrawing money from the accounts of senior citizens without their authorization, claiming they were from their banks, or using bogus pharmaceutical sales pitches.

"The tactics were just truly egregious. This was just lying and stealing," said Waldrop.

The FTC says Ferry can be engaged in honest employment. But according to their settlement, he is banned from using remotely created checks to draw on anyone's bank account, or do anything misleading.

When we approached Ferry, he dodged our questions.

Parts and Services director Larry Frankel says he wasn't aware of Ferry's past, but defended Ferry's employment.

"I am sure that they vetted everything that he does," said Frankel.

The owner of Ardmore Nissan told Action News they had no comment. Marc Ferry's picture is still posted on Ardmore Nissan's website as an active employee.

His sentencing had been postponed while he cooperates with federal authorities. He is now scheduled to be sentenced on April 11.

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