Intel suggests terrorists got airport screening equipment

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Intel suggests terrorists got airport screening equipment. Jeff Chirico reports during Action News at 11 p.m. on March 31. (WPVI)

Passengers at Philadelphia International Airport are frightened over new reports that terrorists are building bombs that can be hidden in laptops and brought through security.

And to make it worse, ABC News has learned ISIS has obtained airport screening equipment to test those bombs.

It's an unsettling development for William Pearson who travels two to four times a week.

"It's a scary thought, that you're on a plane as much as I travel and somebody has a bomb. I don't like that," said William Pearson of Dayton, Ohio.

Intelligence officials conducted their own tests and sent teams to airports to see if the potential bombs could be smuggled. The threat was determined to be real.

That prompted Homeland Security last week to prohibit passengers from carrying large electronics onto planes flying from eight countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Officials have not issued a similar directive in the U.S. - expressing more confidence in the layered security approach used in North America and Europe.

Despite that, some passengers still feel uneasy.

"I hope maybe new technology can be developed super quickly to help detect this," said Jasmine Syed of Malvern.


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