Lockdown at Kensington school lifted after missing gun report

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A Kensington school was placed on lockdown after a report of a missing gun. (WPVI)

A lockdown at a Kensington school is over following a report of a missing gun.

Students were dismissed for the day from the Kensington Urban Education Academy after the lockdown ended on Tuesday afternoon.

It all began after a school police officer reported that he believed his personal weapon was stolen from his vehicle after he forgot to lock his doors.

However, the officer was unsure if the gun was taken from the vehicle before, or after, it was driven to school. So, the decision was made to place the school on lockdown.

Officers patted down each and every person inside the building, including faculty and students.

"Everyone had to be searched inside the school to make sure nobody was carrying anything," said Quadir Harvey.

"They were just like 'everybody's got to come out and get checked.' They checked our bags," said Janiah Love.

Many of the parents were spoke to said they're glad their kids are okay, but wish the school had contacted them about the situation sooner.

"Our child does come to this school. Inform us! Lack of communication again. All of the parents are saying that out here: lack of communication," said Rachel Cikanovich.

"We found out through Facebook and news. They called us at 12:09. 12:09! From 10:40 in the morning, almost two hours later?" said Elba Jusino. "Come on man."

There was no word on if the gun had been located.
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