Middle East violence hits close to home for local families

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For two local families, the violence in the Middle East strikes very close to home. (WPVI)

For two local families, the violence in the Middle East strikes very close to home.

Naomi Prusky keeps an eye on her cellphone all day, sure to be in touch with her daughter Sara.

The 20-year-old is in Israel on a 5 week trip volunteering for Project Harmony Israel, a program that promotes peace in a region plagued with violence.

"She's a very passionate young woman. I'm extremely proud of her. She's taken strong leadership roles and she is walking the walk, not just talking the talk," Prusky said.

The Vassar College student is in Jerusalem working with children just as tensions heighten between Israeli and Palestinian forces.

It is a danger abroad that is keeping the Wynnewood mom on edge, but still supportive.

"My initial reaction was a little bit of a gasp. But I have been to Israel many times, as has my daughter," Prusky said.

Missiles have been launched targeting Israel sending Sara and others into shelters for safety, but this mother has faith that her daughter is protected.

"She called me after her first encounter with a bomb shelter and told me, 'I'm so freaked out; I'm coming out of a bomb shelter. Are you freaked out?' And I thought, 'No, I'm not freaked out cause you were in the shelter,'" Prusky said.

The Prusky family isn't alone.

He was there for a Birthright trip when he was ushered into a shelter in Tel Aviv, not once but twice.

"There was a massive wave of people just running towards us. There were a lot more people panicking that time. That was a lot more intense and a little bit scarier because there were all these people just rushing and trying to cram into this little room," Matt said.

Despite intense moments, everyone Action News spoke with said they would go back to Israel.
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