Veterans remembered and honored in Center City ceremonies

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Officials in commemoration of Veteran's Day remembered and honored soldiers in several ceremonies in Center City. (WPVI)

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 marked the end of hostilities during World War I. Since the, November 11 has become the day to honor all veterans from 1776 until now.

There were multiple ceremonies Wednesday, beginning in Washington Square at the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary Soldier, like thousands of others who perished in the war for independence.

"They joined General Washington's army and they secured for us what has become the greatest nation int he history of the world," said Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey.

There was a remembrance on the stern of the Spanish-American war cruiser, Olympia. It carried America's unknown soldier from World War I from Europe to the United States.

At the Korean War Memorial, those who fought in what is sometimes thought of as the forgotten war, were remembered.

These graying men were fresh-faced kids 65-years-ago. They pushed back against North Korean aggressors but were overwhelmed by waves of Chinese Communist soldiers surging south.

"Hell. Absolute hell. We lost a whole regimen. They overrun you," remembered Robert Fulmer, Korean War veteran.

The largest gathering was at the Vietnam Memorial in Penns Landing.

Present there were the men and women who served in a war that strained the political fabric in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

"It's nice that we are recognized for the things that we do because when I came home, I got spat upon. I guess back int he day it wasn't cool to be a serviceman," said Vietnam War veteran, Michael Pohl.

One of the wreaths placed at the Vietnam Memorial remembered those from Philadelphia's Edison High School.

George Bembischew says 64 Edison students fell in Vietnam.

"It is the largest in any high school in the United States," he said.

Organizers of today's events remind us that November 11th is not just a day to remember those who died in the service for their country in the military, that is the role of Memorial Day.

Rather, this is a time to recognize all those who have served in the military up to this day, either in war or peace.
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