Woman finds deadly surprise in grapes bought from Walmart

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Crawling between one Michigan woman's produce was one of the world's most deadly insects. (WPVI)

A Michigan woman unloading her groceries found an unwanted, dangerous, stowaway crawling around.

Ariel Jackson says a venomous black widow spider was inside the package of grapes she bought from Walmart.

It crawled out of the packaging as she rinsed the fruit in the sink.

Terrified, and unsure what to do next, she decided to call 9-1-1.

"When I called them, I was like, um, this really isn't an emergency, but I have a black widow spider and he's like 'Just kill it!' and I'm like me? You want me to kill it?,"recalled Jackson.

Her brother and her boyfriend eventually killed the spider.

Jackson's glad she found it before anyone got hurt.

She says walmart told her to bring the receipt back to get a refund.
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