Adorable kitten rescued from Komodo dragon enclosure

This little kitten, which the humane society named Komodo, was found unharmed in the Komodo dragon cage. (Humane Society of North Texas/Facebook)

When a kitten was brought to the Humane Society of North Texas on Saturday, they were shocked to hear where the girl had been rescued from: Fort Worth Zoo's Komodo dragon enclosure.

"We were certainly surprised to hear where the kitten was actually found," Philip Gonzalez, the society's communications director, told ABC. "She seemed pretty normal upon being brought into us, not visibly shaken at all."

The society posted about the unusual story on its Facebook page. They said the "feisty little girl" was delivered by a zookeeper and that she was completely unharmed.

The society said she's not quite big enough for adoption, but she's doing well. They expect she'll be ready for foster care in about a month.

They named her, fittingly, Komodo.
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